Genealogy the never-ending story!

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Do you need help researching your family tree?
Would you like to know more about your heritage but don’t have time to do the research? Not a problem. Heritage Detectives is here to help you with your genealogical needs.

Whether you're just starting research, or already have some research done Heritage Detectives can help. Genealogy is my passion and I have been doing personal research for over seventeen years and professionally for ten years. I want to help others discover their family roots so that they can leave the legacy of their heritage and family history for future generations.

Genealogy more than names and dates

Genealogy is more than just names and dates. It is the history of people who actually lived and that have their own stories. Genealogy is a never-ending story and Heritage Detectives is dedicated to helping others to find and preserve their own ancestor’s stories.


Heritage Detectives can help you

No matter how large or small your research project is, Heritage Detectives can help you. We can customize the package you need, making sure it fits your time frame, as well as your budget. Visit the Services page to learn more about how Heritage Detectives can help with your family history research project or contact us to discuss your unique project requirements.